Slovenia's Role in Western Balkans' Euro-Atlantic Integration: Insights from H.E. Damjan Serdar at IUS Shuttle Diplomacy Talks

Slovenia's Role in Western Balkans' Euro-Atlantic Integration

The International University of Sarajevo had the honor of hosting His Excellency Damjan Serdar, the Ambassador of Slovenia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, for a captivating guest lecture as part of the Shuttle Diplomacy Talks organized by the IUS Balkan Studies Centre. The Ambassador’s focus was on Slovenia's Role in Facilitating Euro-Atlantic Integration in the Western Balkans

With an illustrious career spanning 25 years in diplomacy, His Excellency brought a wealth of experience and wisdom to the discussion.

Ambassador Serdar's lecture began with Slovenia's journey towards European Union and NATO memberships, particularly marking the 20th anniversary of these significant milestones. Despite all ex-Yugoslav countries starting from a similar point, Slovenia emerged as the first to join the EU, signifying a pivotal step towards regional stability. His Excellency emphasized Slovenia's belief in the EU's standards and security principles, underscoring the importance of NATO membership in safeguarding these values. Moreover, he highlighted the unanimous support of the EU for Bosnia and Herzegovina's accession efforts, despite challenges such as corruption that need to be addressed.

Addressing concerns about potential hindrances to Bosnia and Herzegovina's EU journey, Ambassador Serdar urged for a stance in favor of unanimity, emphasizing the necessity of peaceful coexistence with neighboring countries. He also stressed the importance of media pluralism and promoting positive aspects of the country to the international community.

He advocated for tolerance, peace, and cooperation as fundamental principles guiding international relations.

In conclusion, Ambassador Serdar encouraged Bosnia and Herzegovina to pursue its aspirations and contribute positively to the EU. He highlighted the EU as a beacon of peace and cooperation, urging everyone to follow their dreams and contribute to the noble endeavor of building a better world.

The lecture concluded with thought-provoking questions and discussions, leaving attendees with valuable insights and a renewed sense of purpose in their academic and diplomatic endeavors.