Reforming Bosnia and Herzegovina: Navigating the Socio-Political Landscape - Lecture by Damir Šaljić


On March 12, 2024, Mr. Damir Šaljić, an Economic Development Coordinator and Senior Adviser to the United Nations, delivered a lecture at the Faculty of Business and Administration of the International University of Sarajevo, on the pressing issues facing Bosnia and Herzegovina's economy. Hosted by Asst. Prof. Dr. Azra Bičo and attended by students from the ECON202 Intermediate Macroeconomics class, the lecture explored crucial topics including post-pandemic stagnation, geopolitical developments, and the need for political stability.

Mr. Šaljić's presentation highlighted the deteriorating socio-economic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, emphasizing the urgent need for structural reforms to address unemployment, and corruption.

One notable aspect of the lecture was the active participation of students in discussions regarding potential reforms. Engaging with topics such as economic challenges, political opportunities, and the role of the international community, students showcased a keen interest in understanding and tackling Bosnia and Herzegovina's complex issues.