Recyclomat – A Tale of Environmental Success in Sarajevo


The Sustainable Development Week at IUS explored numerous eco-friendly initiatives including recycling machines. What exactly are recyclers? Recyclomat stands out as an intelligent device capable of accurately identifying and segregating recyclables like glass, cans, and plastic.

In the summer of 2022, the first smart recycling machine in Bosnia and Herzegovina debuted during the Sarajevo Film Festival. A collaboration between EKO grad and the Tourism Association of Canton Sarajevo, the machine, strategically placed in Sarajevo's center, gained immediate popularity, especially among tourists. It incentivized citizens to participate by offering tickets for the film festival screenings in exchange for depositing 10 bottles. The success prompted the gradual expansion of recycling machines across Sarajevo, other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and partnerships with more businesses.

As part of its commitment to social responsibility and environmental advocacy, IUS sought to share this recycling success story with its students and staff. The director of EKO grad, Mr. Nedžad Turnadžić, the brain behind the project, held a lecture on recycling machines during the IUS SDG WEEK themed "Think Globally, Act Locally" on December 6, 2023.

In his presentation, Mr. Turnadžić provided insights into the project's inception, highlighting both achievements and challenges. Despite starting with a noble idea and limited financial resources, he emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive and persistent outlook to achieve one's goals. He also expressed a desire for more recycling machines in Sarajevo, envisioning a future where the city becomes synonymous with sustainability.

Mr. Turnadžić explained the simple recycling process—citizens deposit plastic, aluminum, or glass into the machine, which uses smart software for sorting. Incentives for users include free tickets to the Sarajevo Zoo, city transport, parking, Vrelo Bosne park, or the option to donate to The machines are equipped with surveillance and constant connectivity, notifying authorities when full.

The IUS SDG Executive Committee highlighted the potential of recycling machines to raise ecological awareness and build local connections. They expressed hope for a future recycling machine on the IUS campus.

To conclude, a list of Sarajevo locations featuring recycling machines was shared:

  1. Sarajevo Zoo
  2. ARIA Mall
  3. Sarajevo City Centar
  4. Vilsonovo šetalište
  5. Raiffaisen Bank, Vilsonovo šetalište
  6. Reciklažno dvorište KJKP „RAD“
  7. Vrelo Bosne, Ilidža
  8. JU SŠC Hadžići
  9. IOM Migrantski kamp Blažuj, Ilidža
  10. IOM Migrantski kamp Ušivak, Hadžići