Participation of IUS Professors and Students in the 8th Sarajevo Unlimited Conference 2023

Unlimited Conference

Assistant Professor Dr. Ismar Alagić played a dual role as both a presenter and panelist at the 8th Sarajevo Unlimited Conference in 2023, which took place on November 7th and 8th in Sarajevo. Widely recognized as a prominent event in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the broader Southeast European region, this conference centers around innovation and the practical application of modern technological solutions. During this event, Prof. Alagić delivered a presentation on "Industrial Development, Projects, and Innovation" as part of the panel on the "Future of Production: Integrating Additive and Traditional Methods." In this session, he not only presented the findings of his personal research but also outlined key directives for further economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Beyond his presentation, Prof. Ismar Alagić took on a mentorship role, guiding the work of a young innovator and student from the International University of Sarajevo, Damir Hanić. Hanić showcased his collaborative project, "Smart Souvenirs," developed in partnership with IUS student Amra Maglajčetović.

The active participation of IUS professors and students serves as an exemplary illustration of presenting scientific work for the dual purpose of fostering economic development and fortifying collaboration between the university and the business community.