Orientation Meeting Welcomes Incoming Erasmus+ Students

Orientation Meeting Welcomes Incoming Erasmus+ Students

The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) held its traditional orientation meeting to welcome the influx of 20 Erasmus+ students in the upcoming semester. Hailing from various countries and partner universities, these students are set to embark on a transformative academic journey at IUS.

The diverse cohort represents a range of esteemed institutions, including YSCHOOL and IESEG-School of Management from France, Middle East Technical University and Istanbul Technical University from Turkiye, Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society from Germany, and University of Copenhagen from Denmark, among others.

Led by the Mobility Coordinator Ms. Ermisa Ćišić, the orientation meeting served as a platform to equip the incoming students with essential information for a seamless integration into the IUS community. Among the topics covered were the requisite paperwork necessary for registration, aligning with the guidelines stipulated by the Erasmus+ Program. Additionally, students were briefed on the relevant IUS departments they may need to engage with during their tenure.

Moreover, students were introduced to the opportunity of joining the Erasmus Students Network, a global organization aimed at fostering connections among Erasmus+ students and providing a platform to access various benefits and resources.

Mrs. Mehtap Özer-Isović, an ELS teacher and Educational Consultant, shared insights into the Study Buddy Program and its benefits. This program offers students valuable support and guidance, enhancing their academic and cultural experiences during their time abroad.

Three former Erasmus alumni, Lamija Bećirović, Hanan Babić, and Zerina Kosovac, affectionately referred to as "buddy guards," joined the meeting to assist the newcomers. Their firsthand experiences and empathetic guidance aim to ease the transition for incoming students, addressing common challenges and concerns they may encounter.

Following the informative session, a brief tour of the IUS campus was conducted, allowing students to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings and bond with fellow peers.