Mozaik Foundation Conference Highlights Path to Future Employment and Skills Development

Mozaik Foundation

The annual conference of the Mozaik Foundation, titled "Skills, Jobs, and Future Leaders," held on February 27, 2024, at Hotel Hills in Ilidža, attracted a diverse array of over 250 participants from various sectors, including the public, private, developmental, non-governmental, and academic communities.

Central to the discussions were the overarching themes of global changes, such as digital transformation, climate change, and geopolitical conflicts, which are reshaping the landscape of employment worldwide. The conference underscored the urgent need for individuals to acquire new skill sets and embrace an education model that fosters adaptability, preparing them for the dynamic demands of emerging job markets.

The event featured a series of dynamic panels and engaging speakers who addressed these pressing topics head-on. Notably, the World Economic Forum's influential report, "The Future of Jobs," served as a guiding framework for the discussions, providing valuable insights into the evolving nature of employment.

Her Excellency, Ambassador Ingrid MacDonald, the UN Resident Coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, delivered a thought-provoking keynote address, highlighting the significance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in shaping the future of work, both globally and locally.

A pivotal panel titled "The Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Challenges and Development Strategies in a Globally Changing Context" brought together distinguished representatives from leading development agencies worldwide. Among them were Eva Smedberg, Head of the Department for Development Cooperation at the Embassy of Sweden in BiH; Emily Krunic, Deputy Director of the USAID Mission in BiH; Stefano Ellero, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation to BiH; and Siroco Messerli, Director for Cooperation at the Embassy of Switzerland in BiH. Together, they explored strategies to navigate the evolving landscape of opportunities and challenges facing Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Furthermore, the conference unveiled Rolify, an innovative platform developed by the Mozaik Foundation to address the evolving needs of young people in the region and facilitating their journey toward becoming future leaders.

In addition to exploring global trends, the conference focused on the local implications of the UN Sustainable Development Goals on future job prospects. A panel discussion centered on the skills and attributes needed for future leaders, highlighting their potential impact on strengthening Bosnia and Herzegovina's labor force.

Moreover, the event provided an excellent networking opportunity, fostering connections among participants from diverse backgrounds and sectors. Notably, representatives from the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) University Communications Office actively contributed to the event, bridging academia and industry to enrich the discussions and insights shared.