Lecture on Transitional Justice, Human Rights and Memorialization Held at IUS

Prof. Pettigrew

Within the scope of public lectures organized by the IUS Faculty of Law, Professor Dr. Sc. David Pettigrew from the Southern Connecticut State University (USA), held a lecture on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, titled “Transitional Justice, Human Rights and Memorialization”.

Having pointed out the importance of establishing and nurturing the culture of remembrance, he underlined the significance of building memorial sites. After the theoretical overview, he presented the results of his research conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Professor Pettigrew emphasized a contradictory phenomenon: memorial sites and murals to war criminals are being built across Republika Srpska, but, on the other hand, there are no memorial sites to the victims of the genocide and war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. To be more precise, it is impossible to build such sites in Republika Srpska. Dr. Pettigrew presented his arguments and lege ferenda amendment proposals relating to memorialization including the right to remember as one of the basic human rights.

After the lecture, the attendees had an opportunity to ask additional questions and learn more about this important topic for Bosnia and Herzegovina.