July 2022 Webometrics Ranking: IUS Domineers as the Best Private University in BiH


In the latest Webometrics edition for July 2022, the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) is the first-ranked private university in BiH, and taking up the overall fourth position in our country. In addition, IUS is in the 1163rd place among European universities included in this Webometrics's ranking results. IUS has been continuously maintaining its high-ranking position for many years on this prominent world university ranking portal. Another interesting fact is that IUS is ranked as the second-best private university in the region. All of the above speaks in favor of the stability of IUS, and its efforts to prove itself in all areas of educational activities. 

IUS has been constantly enhancing its overall academic activities, building its infrastructural capacities and investments, fostering quality scientific research and artistic work for both its students and academic staff, enabling proactive and productive local and international partnerships and devoting its time and resources to the comprehensive progress of BiH society. Even in the unprecedented circumstances of the COVID19 pandemic, IUS was one of the first universities to successfully switch to online teaching as soon as the pandemic broke out and achieve outstanding results with the full engagement of its students and professors.

In the end, Webometrics, as a prestigious world university ranking portal, distinguishes the quality of IUS among 47 BiH public and private universities, which makes the IUS achievements even greater. IUS remains the best private university in Bosnia and Herzegovina, based on global and European educational indicators of excellence.