IUS Shines in UNDP's "Wasteless World" Drawing Competition: A Triumph for Sustainable Art

Art competition

IUS has a reason to celebrate as Emina Alagić, a freshmen student from the Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design (VACD) program, emerged as the first-place winner at the "Wasteless World" drawing competition, organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which concluded on November 15, 2023. Her artwork not only demonstrated exceptional artistic skill but also conveyed a powerful vision of a wasteless future. Additionally, Azra Lilić, another talented student from IUS's VACD program, earned recognition as her work was also selected among nine best pieces of art, further solidifying IUS's presence in the competition.

This unique competition sought to inspire the next generation of artists to visualize a world without waste. Initiated on October 23, 2023, the competition opened its doors to students from fine arts academies across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The participants were tasked with the profound challenge of artistically representing a future where waste is minimized or eliminated altogether. The competition's mission aligned with the broader global agenda of promoting sustainable practices and environmental consciousness.

The expert jury, comprised of distinguished individuals from the fields of art, environmental science, and sustainability, evaluated numerous entries to select those that best embodied the competition's criteria. Among the talented artists, nine entries stood out, captivating the jury with their creativity and poignant messages about waste reduction and environmental responsibility.

The top three winners, including Emina Alagić, will be awarded high-end professional graphics tablets equipped with smart pens. These cutting-edge tools are invaluable for artists, designers, and creative professionals, enabling them to bring their visions to life on the digital canvas. The other winners will receive mid-range professional pen tablets, ensuring that their artistic journeys are supported with the right tools to enhance their creative expression.

This competition serves as a testament to IUS's commitment to fostering creativity, environmental awareness, and engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By participating and excelling in the "Wasteless World" drawing competition, IUS students have not only showcased their artistic talents but have also become ambassadors for sustainable living and waste reduction.