IUS Represented at 6th Education and Employment Fair in Brčko District: Guiding Students Towards Academic and Professional Success


Representatives from the International University of Sarajevo were active participants at the recently held 6th Education and Employment Fair in the Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This event served as a platform to introduce students to the diverse opportunities for education and employment within Brčko and throughout the country.

At the fair, our representatives passionately showcased the university to numerous interested candidates. They provided comprehensive information about the array of opportunities available at our institution. These included details about the upcoming second scholarship exam, available study programs and their benefits, double diploma programs, Erasmus exchange opportunities, as well as other valuable resources and facilities offered by the International University of Sarajevo.

By actively engaging with attendees and sharing valuable insights, our representatives aimed to inspire and guide students towards a path of academic and professional success. We are committed to supporting the educational and career aspirations of the youth in the region and beyond.