IUS Opportunities Inspire Future Scholars at STARfest


On Wednesday, November 15, 2023, International University of Sarajevo (IUS) took part in STARfest held at Skenderija with the aim to inspire and engage with the next generation of students.

STARfest is the biggest event for career development skill acquisition and youth employment in BiH. It is ideal for young people to familiarize themselves with market trends, future jobs, proactive ways to empower themselves, and develop their skills. It provides an opportunity to engage in various programs, career guidance, and become active, thus enhancing employability for the future.

During STARfest, IUS presented its opportunities to high school students, providing them with valuable insights into the educational possibilities and vibrant academic community at IUS. The University representatives talked to enthusiastic high school students, answering queries about academic programs, campus life, and career prospects. These face-to-face personalized interactions allowed aspiring experts to gain a deeper understanding of what IUS offers to its students during their higher education.