IUS Life Representatives Attend Uniser Teacher Week 2023

UTW 2023

Last month, as part of the IntervetWB project, IUS Lifelong Learning Center representatives Ms. Mirsada Mehremić and Ms. Sibela Beširević participated in Uniser Teacher Week 2023 (UTW), an event dedicated to sustainable internationalization. Over 100 people from the EU and the Western Balkans attended UTW 2023, which was organized by Uniser Learning Mobility. 

IUS was introduced by Ms. Mirsada Mehremić and the presentation was met with an exceptional response from the audience. Along with the IUS Life representatives, Ms. Semiha Hamzagić, a professor from the Hadžići High School Center, and Mr. Armin Biber, Director of the High School of Business, Commerce and Trade Sarajevo in Sarajevo, took part in the work of UTW.

Additionally, Ms. Mehremić co-hosted two workshops with colleagues from Bezirksregierung Köln and Uniser Learning Mobility: "Being a Host - towards the full Internationalization of VET Centers and Schools and Sharing Success: Workshop for Experienced Participants on Showcasing Strong Points in Mobility". "Implementing Effective Practical Teaching Strategies: A Discussion on Alternatives to Dual-System" was the topic of Mr. Armin Biber's workshop.

During the three-day program, UTW 2023 attendees participated in field visits at companies in the Emilia-Romagna region that are leaders in their sectors and are considered local excellences: Granarolo, Ducati, BI-REX Competence Center and Uniser.

We would like to thank our colleagues from Uniser Learning Mobility for the excellent organization of the edition of Uniser Teacher Week. You can hear more about the impressions of the participants and what they brought home in the link here.