IUS Life Attends “Tourism Glocal Conference”

Glocal Conference

In the scope of Tourism Thematic Teams, hosted by Apro Formazione, IUS Life attended the annual “Tourism Glocal Conference”, on March 6-8, 2023 in Alba, Italy – one of the main cities in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Piedmont: Langhe-Roero and Monferrato. The town is famous for its truffle and it is the base location of the Ferrero confectionery company. The second annual event in Alba welcomed more than 60 delegates from 14 countries who gathered to discuss the future of vocational training on tourism, digitalization, mobility and sustainability.

IUS Life is one of the seven partners of TEF project (Tourism Education of the Future), which began under the Tourism Thematic Theme (TTT) umbrella. The project started in September 2022 and it is divided into several work packages. During the TTT conference in Alba, IUS Life, together with its partner from Greece, I.E.K Orizon, presented the upcoming series of masterclasses for Spring 2023.

The masterclasses are under a scope of work package 2 which focuses on 6 online masterclasses about digital teaching, EU frameworks, project-based learning and tourism trends. We are proud to announce that one of the presented masterclasses set for April 21, 2023, will be delivered by Mr. Emir Šehić, Professional Development Coordinator/Teacher Trainer at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS). The topic is „Autonomous and Sustainable Learning through (Digital) Projects – Project Ideas for the Tourism classroom“. We use this opportunity to invite everyone to join us from 14:30 to 15:30 on April 21, 2023.

In addition, TTT focused on digital tools and created an online version of the Handbook for Virtual Tour, with the ultimate goal of using it in classes in schools that offer professions in the field of tourism and related professions. As a result, the participants of the conference in Alba had a chance to see the pilot project based on the Handbook, called “Virtual Tour of Sarajevo”, created by the students from the Srednjoškolski Centar Hadžići. We are proud that a school from Sarajevo was chosen as an example of a good virtual tour experience.

Besides attending daily workshops, the participants took part in various cultural activities during the 3-day visit.

We thank Apro Formazione for the outstanding organization of the TTT Annual Event.