IUS Life and DC-VET Project: Insights from EU Study Visits on Work-Based Learning

DC-VET Project

IUS Life, as one of the partners of the DC-Vet project, sent three teachers from Bosnia and Herzegovina on an enriching five-day study visit in three EU countries Spain, Italy, and Finland, from September 25 to September 29, 2023.

Their primary objective was to gain invaluable insights into the work-based learning systems of their hosting countries and compare them with the Bosnian and Herzegovinian model, all with a keen eye on the crucial link between education and industry.

Throughout their journey, these teachers explored schools and companies, engaging with industry professionals and students on internships. They even had the opportunity to capture insightful interviews and footage, culminating in a captivating 3-minute video that will be presented in their schools upon their return.

Elma Škiljo, a dedicated teacher of the electrical engineering group of subjects at the Technical High School (Srednja tehnička škola) in Tešanj, was particularly inspired by the work-based learning method. She shared, "I especially liked the idea that in the work-based learning method, students go to companies at the end of their two-year education and that during those three months they are literally treated like all other workers, so that they really feel how the company functions and what it is like to work there. Many students receive a job offer at the end of their internship, and in some companies like Indra, it is the only way and opportunity for a student to get a job without having any previous experience."

Lejla Telarević, a teacher at the Hadžići High School (Srednjoškolski Centar Hadžići), was captivated by Finland's vocational education system, characterized by its close collaboration with industry, highly competent teachers, and its inclusivity. Lejla notes, "Finland's vocational education system is marked by its collaboration with industry, the competence of its teachers, and its inclusivity. These factors contribute to a system that successfully equips students with practical skills and prepares them for the demands of the job market."

Medina Sokolović-Alajmović, a dedicated teacher of Maths and Computer Science at “Nedžad Ibrišimović” High School (Srednjoškolski centar Nedžad Ibrišimović) in Ilijaš, brought back not just memories, but also a fresh desire for work and innovation from Bologna. She expressed hope for positive achievements that would benefit her school and students in the continued cooperation.

IUS Life will continue to foster growth, innovation, and excellence in vocational education.