IUS Hosts University of Zielona Gora (Poland) and University of Craiova (Romania)


On Monday, October 17, IUS and ELIT/ELT study programs welcomed a delegation from the University of Zielona Góra (UNZG), Poland.

Four students, Alicja Sobczyk, Julia Kowalczykiewicz, Roksana Rajman and Michał Pietras accompanied by their professor, Prof. Dr. Marek Smoluk (Rector's Representative for International Relations, Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator, and Head of Department of American and British Culture and History at University of Zielona Góra), arrived to IUS with the aim of strengthening the ongoing collaboration between the University of Zielona Góra and the International University of Sarajevo (IUS). The IUS staff welcomed the guests in their first day and gave them a short campus tour. This was followed by an off-site quality time socializing with the guests.

During the second day of the visit, a delegation from the University of Craiova, Romania joined the Polish group of visitors: Prof. Dr. Sorin Cazacu (Department of Anglo-American and German Studies, Vice-Dean for International Relations), and a student, Edi Zavoi.

In the morning, the professors and students from these two universities, along with several IUS professors, went to the Olympic Mountains, Igman and Bjelašnica, to enjoy beautiful nature and taste different meals.

Upon their return, the guests were greeted and welcomed by our Vice Rectors, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kanita Karađuzović-Hadžiabdić (Vice Rector for International Cooperation and Research) and Asst. Prof. Dr. Emil Knezović (Vice Rector for Academic Activities and Students' Affairs).

Later on, students from UNZG held a presentation for ELT students about their university, Erasmus opportunities at UNZG, and the establishment of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) at IUS.

On the same day, ELIT/ELT study programs had a pleasure of hosting Dr. Sorin Cazcu at one of their lectures. Professor Cazcu introduced his university to our students and held a workshop on “Subtitling Translation”, a developing profession in the field of translation studies.

On Wednesday, October 19, 2022, the delegations from the University of Zielona Góra, the University of Craiova, and the ELIT/ELT staff went on a sightseeing tour of Sarajevo. They visited all the important sites, such as the Cathedral, the Orthodox Church, Gazi Husrev-bey’s Mosque, the Synagogue, the Eternal Flame (Vječna vatra), the Monument to the Children of Besieged Sarajevo, and the Market Place (Markale) as well as all the important museums and bridges in Sarajevo. They had a delicious lunch at Baščaršija (Old Town) and finished the tour in the City Hall (Vijećnica) where they were warmly welcomed by the Mayor of Sarajevo, Dr. Benjamina Karić.

On Thursday, October 20, four student representatives of the University of Zielona Góra visited a Children's Literature lesson and had a presentation about their university and Erasmus Student Network. The presenters - Michael, Daria, Alicia, and Julia - informed the students about different activities in relation to the Erasmus student support system and encouraged them to apply for Erasmus Exchange Programs to gain experience and establish new friendships and see the world from a different perspective. They mentioned the buddy system that operates at their university and presented its benefits.

IUS and ELIT/ELT study programs are very thankful for this opportunity and an amazing exchange of experiences.