IUS Graduates’ Satisfaction Survey Results 2022


IUS proudly announces the results of the IUS Graduates’ Satisfaction Survey (2021-2022) organized by the IUS Quality Assurance Office (QAO) for the students graduating in the period January 1- June 1, 2022.

This Survey aims at analyzing the recent graduates' satisfaction with IUS in order to improve the overall academic and administrative performance and experience of the University. The survey measures IUS graduates’ satisfaction with academic experience and different aspects of the studies at IUS (quality of teaching and learning, library, administrative services, extracurricular activities, restaurant, and other facilities on the Campus) during the entire education process.

The total number of graduates who took part in the survey is 108 and the survey was fully anonymous. Some of the questions the graduates answered referred to the extend their study program fulfilled their expectations, trained them for their profession and the difficulty of the study program. The survey also examined the graduates’ satisfaction with the helpfulness and accessibility of the academic staff and opportunities to take part in research activities.

If compared to the results of the Graduate Survey 2020-2021, this year, the IUS graduates’ overall satisfaction increased on many levels. For example, the question How likely it is that you would recommend IUS to a prospective student on the scale 1 to 5?  scored 3.64 (out of 66 graduate responses) in the previous survey, while in the current survey the overall score is 4.19 (out of 104 graduate responses).

Have a look at some of the comments IUS graduates made during the Survey:

“I believe I spent the best years of my life here. I will recommend this university in the future”.

“Congrats to new graduates. You are the best. Thank you (IUS) for everything”.

“I would recommend it to everyone looking for quality education in a multi-cultural environment”.

“I would always recommend IUS to anyone who is willing to work on themselves and learn great things”.

“It was worth it”.

In accordance with its Mission and Vision, IUS continues to promote multi-cultural understanding, intellectual growth, and long-term regional and global cooperation, achieved through the enrichment of students by innovative programs, academic and administrative excellence, strategic partnerships with regional and local industries, and purposeful research to promote regional and global well-being.