IUS FLW Vis Moot Competition Team Attends Podgorica Oral Advocacy Training


The IUS Faculty of Law Vis Moot Competition Team attended the Oral Advocacy Training that took place in Podgorica on February 12-17, 2024.

During the first day of the Podgorica Oral Advocacy Training, our team engaged in a comprehensive series of sessions aimed at refining their skills for the upcoming Vis Moot competition. Led by expert facilitators, topics ranged from transitioning from written to oral advocacy, mastering courtroom etiquette, and refining argumentation strategies for procedural and substantive issues. Participants gained invaluable insights and practical techniques in legal argumentation.  

On the second day, our team delved deeper into leveling up their arguments, with a focus on procedural aspects led by Fahira Brodlija and Milana Ranković. Practice sessions for Rounds I and II were conducted, allowing teams to apply newly acquired skills and receive feedback from facilitators and arbitrators. The next day was devoted to leveling up the arguments on substantive issues under the guidance of Prof. Andre Janssen from Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Practice sessions for Rounds III and IV were conducted, providing teams with opportunities to refine their arguments and receive feedback from facilitators and peers.  

On the final day of the event, Shamiram Lazar of the U.S. Department of Commerce Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP), Ambassador Judy Rising Reinke of the U.S. Embassy in Montenegro, and Prof. Dr. Aneta Spaié, the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Montenegro addressed the participants. Subsequently, the 2024 Vis Moot teams were introduced. Throughout the day, various sessions explored topics such as contract negotiation and implementation in the age of technology. Each session featured distinguished speakers and engaging discussions moderated by experts from the legal community.

We wish our team the best of luck and all the success in all future Vis Moot Competition related endeavors.


Photo courtesy: bopephotography