IUS FLW Co-Hosted 2nd International Arbitration Moot 2022

arbitration moot

IUS Faculty of Law (FLW) was a hosting faculty during the 2nd International Arbitration Moot 2022 organized by MediateGuru, an international ADR (alternative dispute resolution) awareness center, on October 12-16, 2022. Besides IUS, the event was organized in collaboration with Luthra and Luthra Law Offices India and Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, New Delhi, India. The theme of the 2nd International Arbitration Moot 2022 was “Commercial Arbitration”.  

The organizer, Mediate Guru profoundly thanked all the institutions and their staff for their help in organizing this event with special appreciation of the IUS Faculty of Law (FLW) Dean, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aliye Fatma Mataraci’s support and guidance. In addition, they expressed their gratitude to the volunteers, IUS FLW students whose cooperation and coordination was of an immense importance for the event. Ten FLW students worked as volunteers during the competition: Armin Šetić, Adna Smajić, Armela Mehdin, Simal Özel, Lejla Jakupović, Lejla Softić, Ajla Serdarević and Amela Tahirbegović.

We are looking forward to many other successful events and competitions IUS FLW is going to take part in.