IUS Delegation and Cantonal Minister of Economy Underline Startups and Tech Innovations as Means of Addressing Youth Unemployment and Brain Drain

Ministry of Economy Sarajevo

The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) delegation, led by Rector, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yıldırım and Vice-Rector for General Affairs, Assoc. Prof. Muhammed Yasir Göz, engaged in a meeting with Mr. Zlatko Mijatović, the Minister of Economy of Canton Sarajevo on Thursday, November 23, 2023.

The focal point of discussion during this meeting was the pressing need for launching startups in Canton Sarajevo and the potential role they could play in addressing youth unemployment while curbing the issue of brain drain from the country.

Rector Yıldırım highlighted the unique position of IUS in contributing to the startup ecosystem. With a vibrant community of students and professors actively engaged in following modern trends in technological innovations, IUS possesses a valuable pool of talent poised to drive entrepreneurial initiatives. Additionally, the sophisticated facilities and resources provided by the University can be harnessed to incubate and support fledgling businesses.

The Rector emphasized the importance of collaboration between the academic sector and local authorities to create an environment conducive to the establishment and growth of startups. He underscored the need for joint efforts to eliminate existing obstacles and address employment challenges faced by students, urging the Ministry of Economy to play a pivotal role in facilitating these changes.

Assoc. Prof. Muhammed Yasir Göz further elaborated on the potential impact of startups on youth employment and retention. By fostering a system that encourages entrepreneurship, the region can retain its brightest minds and provide them with opportunities to contribute to the local economy. He stressed the importance of developing policies that promote innovation and ease the process of starting and sustaining small businesses.

Minister Zlatko Mijatović expressed his appreciation for IUS's proactive approach and commitment to driving positive change in the region. He acknowledged the significance of startups in creating a dynamic and resilient economy, pledging to collaborate with the University and other stakeholders to remove bureaucratic barriers and enhance the overall business environment.