IUS Clubs’ Promotion Day: Fostering Student Engagement and Diversity in Extracurricular Pursuits

IUS Clubs’ Promotion Day

On Tuesday, November 7, 2023, the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) hosted an engaging event that brought together representatives of a number of student clubs offering students the opportunity to discover and join their areas of interest. The event was aimed at boosting student engagement and promoting extracurricular activities within the university community. The IUS Clubs’ Promotion Day also encouraged social networking and collaboration among peers.

Currently, IUS boasts eighteen active clubs, each dedicated to unique pursuits. Students could visit the stands of each club, interact with club representatives, and gather comprehensive information about the clubs' activities. Furthermore, students had the chance to sign up for one or more of the clubs, catering to various interests and passions which ranged from Performance Art Club to Environmental Club to Game Night (Board Game Club), just to name a few. Other IUS clubs include Art and Poetry Club, VACD Club (Visual Arts and Communication Design), Google Developer Student Club, Mladius (Music Club), Book Club, Dance Club, Aviation Club of Sarajevo, IUS Trekking Club, IUS Goats (Mountain Climbing Club), IUS Law Club, Explorers of the Balkans, IUS Table Tennis Club, AWS Cloud Club, WAMY Club BiH (World Assembly of Muslim Youth) and Student Exchange Closet Club.

Events like these reflect IUS's commitment to emphasizing the importance of extracurricular involvement in addition to academic pursuits. By bringing together a diverse range of clubs, the university is cultivating an environment that encourages personal growth, skill development, and community engagement.