IUS Alumni Iftar 2022


On April 12, 2022, International University of Sarajevo (IUS) hosted Iftar dinner for the IUS alumni. Iftar was held in the premises of the IUS Canteen where alumni and guests enjoyed the company of their colleagues and relaxed atmosphere in the evening hours.

IUS Student and Career Center (SCC) was one of the main organizers of the gathering. Ms. Hilal Yanik, manager of the Student and Career Center, said: “Besides enjoying iftar, this gathering also aims to celebrate our graduates, and is a perfect opportunity for alumni to meet and speak to their peers and expand their network, rekindle the memories they have gathered at IUS and, most importantly, enjoy the occasion.” 

The holy month of Ramadan marks the perfect time to reconnect with our spirituality, family and community and strengthen our will as Muslims. International University of Sarajevo thanks all our alumni for coming and showing once again how strong our IUS family is.