IUS Academic Excellence Award Ceremony: Recognition Ceremony for Outstanding Teaching Staff Achievements

IUS Academic Excellence Award Ceremony

On Thursday, January 18, 2024, the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) organized the Academic Excellence Award Ceremony, dedicated to honoring the academic achievements of its esteemed teaching staff. As an institution committed to excellence in every aspect of its performance, IUS hosted this ceremony to recognize the outstanding contributions of its academic staff.

The event was graced by the esteemed Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, His Excellency Sadık Babür Girgin, the esteemed President of the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo (SEDEF), Mr. Hasan Topaloğlu, the respected President of the IUS Board of Trustees, Prof. Dr. Sevgi Kurtulmuş, IUS Rector, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yıldırım, along with other members of the IUS Board of Trustees and the academic and administrative staff.

This year's event holds special significance as it marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of IUS. Reflecting on its humble beginnings in 2004 with only 14 employees and 68 students, IUS takes immense pride in the collaborative academic and administrative efforts that have elevated it to its current standing. In 2024, IUS stands tall among the top higher education institutions in the Balkans and Europe, boasting over 200 employees from 12 countries and welcoming around 2500 students from over 40 countries worldwide.

During the ceremony, IUS Rector, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yıldırım, addressed the audience and reflected on the academic achievements of the past three years. He expressed gratitude to the IUS staff for their collective efforts. Following Prof. Yıldırım’s speech, Certificates of Achievement and gifts were awarded to the following IUS academic staff: Asst. Prof. Branko Vekić (VACD), Asst. Prof. Emir Hambo (VACD), Prof. Dr. Meliha Teparić (VACD), Assoc. Prof. Muhammed Yasir Göz (VACD), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Orkun Aydın (PSY), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pınar Ünal Aydın (PSY), Asst. Prof. Dr. Vesna Suljić (ELT), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aliaksandr Novikau (PSIR), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emil Knezović (MAN), Prof. Dr. Mehmed Ganić (ECON), Prof. Dr. Muhidin Mulalić (PSIR), Asst. Prof. Dr. Šejma Aydın (ECON), Asst. Prof. Dr. Alma  Hudović-Kljuno (ARCH), Assoc, Prof. Dr. Altijana Hromić-Jahjefendić (GBE), Asst. Prof. Dr. Amal Mersni (CSE), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Benjamin Duraković (ME), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ragab Ibrahim (GBE), Asst. Prof. Dr. Jasmin Šutković (GBE), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kanita Karadžuzović-Hadžiabdić (CSE) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ena Kazić-Çakar (FLW).