From Idea to Innovation: Fueling Dreams with Visiting Professor Matija Goljar

Visiting Professor Matija Goljar

During DeepGreenInno (DGI) Week (April 22-26) at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), the Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA) hosted Mr. Matija Goljar, a Visiting Professor at the University of Ljubljana, the founder of Ustvarjalnik, one of the largest entrepreneurship education and mentorship networks in Eastern Europe, and a sought-after consultant, mentor, and speaker who works for a local venture capital fund (Silicon Gardens).

Mr. Goljar was a keynote speaker at the DGI Sarajevo National Workshop, delivering an entertaining plenary speech on why entrepreneurship matters in the age of technology. Besides, he was one of the speakers at the Business Plan Workshop for VACD students, focusing on how actually to get a business off the ground. Finally, Mr. Goljar was a guest lecturer at Consumer Behavior Course held by Dr. Hamza Smajić and Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management held by Dr. Azra Bičo, where he delivered two interesting talks on “People are Weird When They Buy Stuff” and “How to Get Investors to Give You Money.”

Students were particularly engaged as Mr. Goljar shared real-world examples and practical tips for navigating the complexities of fundraising. His interactive approach encouraged lively discussion and critical thinking among the aspiring entrepreneurs in the room.

The events are part of the ongoing commitment of FBA to provide students with firsthand exposure to industry professionals and practical knowledge essential for success in the world of entrepreneurship.