“Have faith in yourself and in what you do.” - Alma Subašić, IUS Alumni Success Story

Alma Subašić

Alma Subašić is our successful alumnus who completed her BA and MA studies in Architecture. She is the Chief Executive Officer of “Šapa LAB”, a company which offers multifunctional furniture for pets and people. In addition, she works as a Conservation Architect at the Institute for the Protection of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage.

Read her story below!

At the very beginning, after my high school, I was granted a 100% scholarship to study at the International University of Sarajevo. I had always wanted to study abroad, and possibly in English language, so IUS was the best choice because I could study as if I was abroad, with colleagues from all over the world, where all lectures are held in English, but still have the privilege to always feel and be at home, in my magnificent city of Sarajevo. It was relatively easy to choose the study program, because architecture, as a mix of science and art, with all the drawing, calculating, research and creativity, was the best choice for me. It broadened my vision as well as my overall experience and knowledge and it gave me a perspective I had never known about before my studies. It was an amazing platform for my further progress. I consider myself very lucky to be an IUS graduate. Professors from all over the world, including our amazing Bosnian professors, brought something specific to their lessons and we could experience the whole world, even when sitting in our classrooms. I’m forever grateful for that experience.

The motive behind my success was just pure love and passion for all the things that I love to do, which are music, design and our heritage. Since I have been in music since my early years through singing and the “ SEVDAH Foundation” I managed to preserve our most valuable Bosnian intangible heritage, the sevdalinka songs. On the other hand, as an architectural conservator working at the Institute for the Protection of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of Sarajevo, I take care of the architectural heritage as well.  Also, I started my furniture and design company last year, called “Šapa LAB”, and it manufactures multifunctional furniture for pets and people. Those are the three things that I love the most and I plan to pursue them.  I’ve never overcome the fear of failure, not completely, but with continuous work, we can surely overcome our fears.

The circumstances are never ideal and I’m not waiting for them to become ideal. The determination to become the best version of ourselves and to be good to ourselves is important. That way, we can do good and be good to our family, loved ones, our colleagues and create a better atmosphere for our micro-world and eventually create a better and healthier reality.

I’d love that young people find their passion and purpose in life, and just follow that path, no matter what. Have faith in yourself and what you do. And never stop learning, traveling, dreaming or wandering. Share everything with your loved ones. For me, those are the secret ingredients to ultimate happiness.