Hands-on Experience: EE “Show and Tell” Workshop Inspires Bosnian High School Students

EE “Show and Tell” Workshop

The "Show and Tell" workshop organized by the Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EE) study program on Thursday, January 25, 2024, at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) was a significant and very interesting event that attracted high school students from across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the very beginning of the event, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tarik Namas introduced high school students to the EE program, presenting the opportunities they have at IUS. This introductory session aimed to give students insights into the academic aspects, potential internship opportunities, and finally career opportunities after graduation. Following the introduction, IUS robotics students presented their very interesting projects they successfully implemented during their study at the Introduction to Robotics course. Students who participated in this session are Merjem Skula, Ismeta Gafić, Emina Skula, Amra Gušo, Muamer Din Klico, Amila Bašić, and Džejlan Ždralović.

A wide range of possibilities they have in our laboratories are presented to students who showed interest in the project and lab-based courses. The workshop also featured hands-on activities to provide students with practical experience in the electrical engineering field. This session was led by Senior Assistant Šejla Džakmić, who briefly introduced students to Arduino programming and electrical circuit design in simulation and hardware. Students had the opportunity to code and implement a traffic light system using Arduino microcontroller and hardware components. Students really enjoyed the practical workshop and successfully completed the experiment with the help of our scholarship students and demonstrators Nejra Panjeta, Amir Sharata, and Haris Sadžak.

The final session was reserved for questions and answers where visiting students could ask anything they were interested in related to studying at IUS, all the opportunities, lab work, career options, etc. During this session, IUS students were also present to share their own insights and experience with IUS.