Great Success of IUS VACD Students

VACD exhibition

On Monday, February 20, 2023, the study program Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design (VACD), lead by Assistant Professor Branko Vekić, MFA, organized an exhibition of the works of VACD students at the Gallery of High School for Applied Arts in Sarajevo.

This event was an important occasion for a number of our students. They had their first step in the world of public exhibiting. The Gallery of High School for Applied Arts in Sarajevo opened its door to the IUS VACD students where they displayed an immense amount of their work in the areas of Graphic Design and Photography.

The Gallery was almost too small to receive all the guests who came to support these fine, hardworking and talented young people, ranging from their parents and families, High School students (who had many questions for their slightly older colleagues), already established artists like Ms. Jasna Hadžimehmedović-Bekrić, a famous Bosnian fashion designer, Mr. Emir Durmišević, a renowned illustrator, Mr. Adis Lukač, a well-known sculptor and painter, the author of Mirza Delibašić monument at Skenderija), Mr. Hasan Čakar, a renowned printmaker, Mr. Halid Kuburović, a cultural chronicler of Sarajevo, to their proud professors from the University. The esteemed guests had only words of praise for the exhibited art, and even the journalists from N1, TVSA TV channels and Photo Art, who reported from the Gallery, joined them in expressing the delight with the works on display.

It is so important for young artists to feel accepted and supported, and today's exhibitors could not hide their emotions and happiness, after their first public exhibition was opened with warm words from the High School Principal, Ms. Elma Alić-Šobot MA and their own professor Branko Vekić who conceived, coordinated and curated the exhibition.

We can only congratulate them on their remarkable achievements and wish them a lot of success in the future.