„FinTech: How Technology will Shape the Future“ Talk by Mr. Kenan Hadžirović

„FinTech: How Technology will Shape the Future“ Talk

At the Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA), students from various disciplines gathered for a talk titled "FinTech: How Technology Will Shape the Future" delivered by Mr. Kenan Hadžirović, Software Engineer. The event, co-organized by Asst. Prof. Dr. Hamza Smajić, was held in the FBA Conference Room on February 26, 2024 and it was organized as part of the Investment and Portfolio Management course taught by Asst. Prof. Dr. Šejma Aydin.

During this interactive session, students were presented with crucial FinTech aspects like user experience, legal frameworks, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. They compared FinTech solutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina with those in the EU, sparking discussions on technology's future impact on finance.

The lecture encouraged lively debates among students about the long-term effects of technological advancements in finance, highlighting the importance of innovation in the sector. This event educated students on current FinTech trends and inspired them to think about future possibilities in the field.