Exploring the World of Communications at IUS MAC “Show and Tell” Workshop

MAC “Show and Tell” Workshop

On Tuesday, January 23, 2024, the Media and Communication (MAC), the newest addition to the study programs at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), hosted a Show and Tell Workshop, tailored for high school students who expressed their interest in this study field.

Led by Asst. Prof. Emir Hambo from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), Balkan news journalists Ms. Elmina Muhić and Ms. Amina Zornić, alongside IUS Creative Content Specialist, Mr. Haris Heljo from the University Communications Office (UCO), the workshop introduced participants to the world of media, journalism, communication and broadcasting. Students gained hands-on experience, learning the basics of reporting, filming, and presenting news for digital media platforms.