ERASMUS+ Youth Workers Exchange Project: From Göbeklitepe to Mostar - Cultural Heritage Bridge

Erasmus project

In a remarkable week-long endeavor (September 1-8, 2023), the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) was a host to the ERASMUS+ Youth Workers Exchange /2022-3-TR01-KA153-YOU-000093744 project entitled “From Göbeklitepe to Mostar - Cultural Heritage Bridge (Göbeklitepe’den Mostar’a - Kültürel Miras Köprüsü)” organized by the Social Cohesion and Entrepreneurship Association from Turkiye with the association of Hasan Kalyoncu University.

This empowering project brought together teams from Italy, Germany, Spain (Canary Islands), Turkey, and Bosnia and Herzegovina forging a diverse tapestry of cultural exchange. Over the course of six days, participants engaged in a series of enriching activities, fostering group cohesion and personal growth, while engaging in workshops that delved into the intricate realms of cultural heritage and history.

The main event took place on Wednesday, September 6, when the discussion panel was organized. The panel was dedicated to unraveling the profound tapestry of Bosnian history and culture. Prof. Dr. Emel Topcu was the panel moderator. The panel sought to provide a profound understanding of Bosnian history and culture. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Almasa Mulalić delivered a speech entitled “Bosnia: A Perspective on History and Culture”, while Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selvira Draganović talked about the “War and Post-War Traumas in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

IUS alumnus, Dr. Serap Fišo provided valuable insights into the topic of “Identity Construction of Forcibly Displaced Persons During the War”. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emine Yaman, ESL instructor and Educational Consultant at ELS, Ms. Mehtap Özer Isović, and IUS postgraduate student, Ms. Selma Ibrekić made valuable contributions to the Project through their insightful ideas and active engagement.