Enlightening Lecture on Shakespeare: Exploring 'Much Ado About Nothing' with Damir Kahrić


On April 2nd, 2024, the English Language and Literature study program at the International University of Sarajevo welcomed PhD candidate Damir Kahrić, who currently serves as a lecturer at the IUS English Language School,  to deliver an enlightening lecture on Shakespeare's renowned play, "Much Ado About Nothing," to students enrolled in the ELIT 415 Shakespeare Course. Drawing from his extensive knowledge and personal acting experience, Damir provided an insightful analysis of the play, captivating the audience's attention and igniting lively discussions among the students.

His ability to intertwine academic analysis with real-world theatrical experiences not only enhanced the students' understanding of the play but also inspired them to share their own involvement in theatrical performances. Damir emphasized the importance of both reading and acting as valuable tools for improving public speaking skills, encouraging students to explore these avenues further.

In expressing their gratitude, Assistant Professor Dr. Vesna Suljić extended heartfelt appreciation to Damir for his invaluable contribution and collaboration with the English Language and Literature Program. The positive impact of Damir's lecture on the students' engagement and enthusiasm reflects the spirit of academic excellence and collaboration that defines our institution.