Energy Transformation in Poland: Public Lecture Sheds Light on EU’s Sustainable Energy Path

Public Lecture - Energy Transformation in Poland

Dr. Marcin Koczan from the University of Wroclaw held a thought-provoking lecture titled “Energy Transformation in Poland in the Context of EU Climate and Energy Policy.” The event, part of the Jean Monnet Module “European Energy Security” activities, took place at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), on January 11, 2024.

Dr. Koczan’s presentation dealt with Poland’s current energy landscape, highlighting coal as a primary source of carbon dioxide and methane emissions. He underscored the pressing need for Poland’s energy transition from coal to renewables, aligning with the EU’s Green Deal ambitious plan to reduce greenhouse gases and achieve climate neutrality. It resonated deeply with Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country facing similar challenges with heavy reliance on coal and striving for clean energy solutions within the context of EU aspirations.

The lecture concluded with insights on Poland’s path towards a more sustainable energy future, one that adheres to the EU’s 2030 and beyond goals. Dr. Koczan emphasized the importance of international cooperation and knowledge sharing in tackling this global challenge, offering valuable lessons for Bosnia and Herzegovina as they navigate their energy transformation journey.

The audience, composed of both university members and the public, was engaged throughout the presentation, posing insightful questions about the challenges and opportunities Poland, and Bosnia, and Herzegovina face in their energy transitions. Dr. Koczan highlighted the importance of learning from each other’s experiences and collaborating to overcome shared obstacles, leaving the audience with a sense of hope and optimism for a cleaner future for both nations.