ELS Holds English Language Competition in HNK

ELS Held English Language Competition in HNK

On April 13, 2024, the English Language School (ELS) at the International University of Sarajevo once again organized an English language competition for primary and secondary school students in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNK). With the aim of ensuring equal visibility and promotion of various schools in HNK, this time the event was organized in Jablanica High School. IUS ELS was represented by the following teachers: Ajdin Spahić, Amra Ćemo, Dijana Dizdarević, Dževida Zlatić, Edvin Kriještarac, Iris Pohara, Jasmina Pošković and Sanela Pivić.

71 students from 30 primary and secondary schools participated in this year's competition, and were evaluated in all language skills within CEFR levels B1+ and B2.

The winners for elementary schools are from VI Elementary School Mostar, IV Elementary School Mostar and Elementary School Bijelo Polje Potoci, and the first three places for secondary schools went to JU Secondary Electrical Technical School Salih Salko Ćurić Mostar and Secondary School Konjic. Awarding of awards and certificates of appreciation will be held in the following period.

The IUS management has been supporting this important event for the fifth year through logistical and material support, and as they say, they hope that this event will become a small tradition. Thanks to this, the best students will receive gift packages from IUS, and a special scholarship program is planned for participants who decide to study at IUS.

The collaboration that began in 2019 with the Mostar Pedagogical Institute, when a group of teachers from the IUS English Language School first prepared and conducted all components of the exam, continues to promote English language learning in this canton.