ELIT Curricula Enriched by Italian Language Course

ELIT Curricula Enriched by Italian Language Course

In a significant step towards promoting linguistic diversity and cultural exchange, the English Language and Literature (ELIT) program at the International University of Sarajevo has introduced Italian as a foreign language course. This initiative, undertaken in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, allows students to learn more about the Italian language and culture.

Mr. Riccardo Righelli, Head of the Cultural Affairs Office at the Italian Embassy, along with Mrs. Amela Zec Filipović, Representative of the Cultural Affairs Office, visited the University on March 7, 2024, to experience the Campus ambiance and engage with students enrolled in the Spoken Italian I course.

Expressing their enthusiasm for the collaboration, both parties affirmed their commitment to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Italian language and culture. This partnership aims to not only provide students with valuable language skills but also to cultivate cross-cultural awareness and connectivity.

The addition of Italian as a program, faculty, and free elective course underscores the International University of Sarajevo's dedication to offering a diverse and enriching educational experience. As the collaboration between the University and the Italian Embassy flourishes, it is anticipated that cultural exchange will be enhanced further and ties between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy will be strengthened.