From Drawings to Models: ARCH “Show and Tell” Workshop Inspires Creative Minds

ARCH “Show and Tell” Workshop

On Thursday, January 25, 2024, the IUS Architecture study program organized a "Show and Tell" workshop for high school students interested in the field of architecture.

Before the workshop began, Asst. Prof. Dr. Mejrema Zatrić-Šahović presented the curriculum of the study program, including extracurricular activities such as workshops and study trips offered to students. Prospective students also had the opportunity to explore the working space of the study program, including an exhibition of its students' most successful work. Ms. Amna Neimarlija and Ms. Arnela Maglajčetović, sophomore students of Architecture, as well as Ms. Aiša Avdić and Mr. Adis Mašić, senior students of Architecture, moderated the workshop and answered questions from their prospective colleagues.

During the workshop, participants engaged in a drawing exercise that involved creating a "shelter for life" around a provided figure (animal, plant, man, woman) in four steps: 1. walls, 2. windows and doors, 3. roofs, 4. surroundings. After completing each step, they exchanged drawings with their neighboring colleague. The aim of the exercise was to introduce students to architectural elements, the initial phases of architectural design, and the collaborative nature of architectural work. The exercise resulted in some fascinating compositions. After the exercise, the participants asked questions to the IUS students and the professor, who also provided comments on the exercise results.

The workshop concluded with a visit to the Architecture Fabrication Lab, where the high school students were impressed by the architectural models and fabrication machines.