DeepGreenInno Empowers Students with Business Plan Workshop at IUS


The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) hosted a transformative Business Plan Workshop on November 30, 2023 as a core element of the DeepGreenInno project. Designed exclusively for students from the IUS Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS), the workshop was skillfully hosted by the Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA).

Focused on providing a holistic entrepreneurial education, the workshop covered fundamental aspects, including entrepreneurship foundations, market research methodologies, strategic marketing, and financing essentials. Faculty members experts led engaging sessions, creating an interactive environment for the exchange of ideas and practical insights.

The collaboration between FENS and FBA highlights the University's commitment to interdisciplinary education. By merging engineering prowess with business acumen, the workshop aimed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneurial journey.

"We believe in nurturing a generation of innovators. The Business Plan Workshop is a crucial step in empowering students to translate their ideas into successful business ventures," noted Dr. Emil Knezović, one of the key organizers.

The DeepGreenInno project underscores the University's dedication to fostering innovation. As students gain insights into market dynamics and strategic planning, they are better prepared for the challenges of the dynamic business landscape.

This initiative marks a significant stride towards cultivating a culture of innovation and enterprise within the academic corridors of Sarajevo. IUS anticipates the emergence of innovative entrepreneurial endeavors as students apply the skills honed during the Business Plan Workshop, ensuring a promising future for the next generation of business leaders.