Celebrating Childhood Creativity: Preschool Institutions Gather for Celebration at IUS

Celebrating Childhood Creativity

On Monday, June 3, 2024, an event titled "Radosno djetinjstvo" (Joyful Childhood) was held as part of the cultural and artistic creativity review "Preschool Days" of preschool institutions in the Sarajevo Canton organized by the Ministry of Education of Sarajevo Canton and the Institute for Pre-University Education of the Sarajevo Canton.

We are honored and pleased that the Kid IUS Preschool Institution hosted the event, where children from preschool institutions of the municipalities of Ilidža and Hadžići presented themselves. We enjoyed the performance of creative children's expression and creativity through music, dance, recitals, folklore, and roleplays.

We take this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Education, as well as the Institute for Pre-University Education for organizing the review. We also thank the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo (SEDEF) and the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) for providing the venue, as well as our colleagues and IUS employees who provided technical support for the event.