CANDI Project – Capacity Building in Digital VET Teaching

Candi project

Promoting readiness for digital education in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania

Within the organization of the project leader AFBB (Aademie für berufiche Bildung gGmbH), IUS Lifelong Learning Centre representatives, Mrs. Mirsada Mehremić and Mr. Emir Sehić, participated in the first coordination meeting of the new CANDI project, which took place in Dresden last month.

The CANDI project is an answer to the increasing need for digital pedagogy and expertise in the use of digital tools in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. Digital transformation is affecting the VET sector and influencing the teaching practice of VET teachers, who need to adapt their pedagogical approaches to new challenges and broaden their methodological repertoire.

The project is designed to develop a workshop curriculum aimed at equipping VET teachers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania with necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies. The CANDI workshop curriculum is developed in close cooperation with local teachers, taking into account the needs of VET learners. The workshop will be conducted as a blended learning course and will be offered in Bosnian and Albanian. At the end of the project, a transfer concept will be developed to encompass experiences and feedback gained during the development and implementation phases of the CANDI curriculum. The CANDI transfer concept will help vocational schools to build their capacities in this field of education.

CANDI Partners:

Shkolla e mesme profesionale Charles Telford Erickson 

IUS Life - Lifelong Learning Center 

Javna ustanova Mješovita srednja škola Gračanica  


Mediterraneo International Center 

Shkolla e Mesme e Ndërtimit "Karl Gega"

JU Srednjoškolski centar Hadžići 

FHD - Fachhochschule Dresden