Bosnian Engineering Talent Shines at 13th International Compressor Conference in London

London Conference

In a remarkable display of Bosnian engineering ability, four exceptional students from Bosnia and Herzegovina attended the 13th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems, held at the prestigious City University of London on September 11-13, 2023. The conference, a global gathering of experts, researchers, and enthusiasts in the field of compressor technology, proved to be a transformative experience for the attendees.

Among the standout Bosnian delegates was Ibrahim-Halil Jarraya Salihović, a 4th-year Mechanical Engineering student at the IUS Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS), seized the opportunity to connect with industry experts and fellow engineers, seeing the conference as a valuable platform for personal growth and advancements in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These four Bosnian students were able to attend the conference thanks to the generous support of the BH Futures Foundation, City University of London, and the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ANUBIH). Special thanks were extended to Mr. Jack Sauls, a prominent engineer in compressor technology, who provided funding for three additional Bosnian students to participate in the event.

The conference itself served as a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas, showcasing cutting-edge developments in compressor systems and their applications. Notable companies like TotalEnergies, Megger, Holroyd Howden, MAYEKAWA, Howden, and Jacklin were among the participants, further underlining the event's significance in the industry.

In addition to the conference, attendees had the privilege of participating in a professional meet-up at the Bosnian Embassy to Great Britain and North Ireland in London. This event fostered connections among attendees, celebrated Bosnian engineering talent, and facilitated networking with professionals from various parts of the world.