Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ognjen Riđić: Co-Author of Large International Study

Prof. Riđić

International University of Sarajevo (IUS) proudly announces that Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ognjen Riđić from the IUS Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA) was a co-author of a large international study on how horizontal and vertical individualism and collectivism predict self-report loneliness. The study was published by Elsevier in Current Research in Behavioral Sciences (CRBS) academic journal titled „Loneliness and Vertical and Horizontal Collectivism and Individualism: A Multinational Study“.

Prof. Riđić was appointed as the Project Manager for Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH) representing IUS, FBA and Management (MAN) study program. The study included participants from 28 countries with the total number of 8,345 participants, whereby BiH contributed to the overall primary research study with the sample size of 500 participants.

Loneliness, which was compared and contrasted with Individualism and Collectivism („isms“ - in the scientific terminology also known as the systems of thought), was assessed utilizing the Three-item Loneliness Scale (TILS), which originated from the revised University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Loneliness scale designed to be used in large-population surveys as a quick measure of loneliness.

We would like to congratulate Prof. Riđić on this outstanding achievement and wish him many more in the future.