3rd Youth Conference on Language, Literature and Education held at IUS

3rd ELIT Conference

On Friday, October 13, 2023, the Third Youth Conference on Language, Literature and Education was held at IUS. The Conference was organized by English Language and Literature (ELIT) and English Language and Literature, Teaching (ELT) study programs with the aim of providing students of the I, II and III study cycle with opportunities to network with their peers, gain conference experience, present their research and have their papers published. Participants from 10 countries presented 38 papers in onsite and online sessions. The participants were from BiH, Croatia, North Macedonia, Turkiye, Poland, Spain, Algeria, Oman, Indonesia and the Philippines. Students and guests attended presentations of a variety of interesting topics, ranging from Shakespearean Echoes in Tolkien’s Literary Criticism to Critical Thinking against Nihilism in Education, Exploring the Educational Potential of Social VR Environments and The Effectiveness of Using AI Chatbots in Enhancing Conversational Skills.

In addition, two distinguished keynote speakers held inspiring plenary talks: Dr. Sanja Nikčević, from the University of Osijek, Croatia, presented the topic entitled The Importance of Art for Society, and Dr. Davor Piskač, from University of Zagreb, Croatia, presented the topic Literary Bibliotherapy as a Method of Therapeutic Reading.

This year, the conference was supported by Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Science, Higher Education and Youth, which allocated funds for the Conference within the Public call for financing scientific, research, artistic and development projects and programs from the Sarajevo Canton budget for 2023.