Saradnja profesora Gavranovića i profesora Marcina Stachura iz Poljske

Krajem mjeseca jula 2016. godine Internacionalni univerzitet u Sarajevu (IUS) posjetio je Marcin Stachura,docent sa Instituta za automatsku kontrolu i robotiku, na Varšavskom tehnološkom univerzitetu (Poljska). Dr. Stachura je došao na poziv vanr. prof. dr. Harisa Gavranovića, sa programa Industrijski inžinjering Fakulteta prirodnih i tehničkih nauka IUS-a. Uvaženi gost iz Poljske boraviće na našem univerzitetu dva mjeseca u svojstvu gostujućeg profesora/istraživača. Osnovno polje interesa i istraživanja dr. Strachura je dizajniranje i implementacija naprednih sistema, s fokusom na sisteme distribucije vode.

Ured za međunarodnu saradnju IUS-a je intervjuisao docenta Marcina Stachura:

1.    Could you tell us your position in Poland and the work you did there? Research etc.

I am working as an Assistant Proffesor at Institute of Automatic Control and Robotics, Faculty of Mechatronics at Warsaw University of Technology in Poland.  My basic field of intestest lies in design and implementation of advanced decision support systems including these related to water systems. Since 2007 I participated in 13 scientific and innovative projects as a researcher, team leader as the member of Warsaw University of Technology and Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In my work I am responsible for specification and analysis of end users’ needs, theoretical analysis of the project issues, review and selection of technological solutions, development and implementation of industrial automation tools and systems. My work was based on the real examples of seval Water Distribution Systems located in Poland. I am the author of over 30 research papers in journals and conference proceedings. The solution „Integrated management of water network as a way of secure water deployment for local community”, in which I was a leader of Warsaw University of Technology team, was awarded a gold medal at 61. World Exhibition on Inventions, Research and New Technologies Brussels Innova 2012. I earned multiple academic accolades including two Warsaw University of Technology Rector awards.

2.    What interested you to come to IUS?

I investigated the evolutionary multiobjective optimization algorithms for the pump scheduling optimization in water distribution systems. Moreover I was part of a team that developed a hydraulic model of water distribution system in Silesia Province in Poland. I looked for the support in the integration of available models and tools with a strong stress on uncertainties have to be taken into account (i.e. demand, fresh water generation units availability etc.) and possible implementation of heuristic algorithms. During the meetings of COST Action No. TD1207 entitled Mathematical Optimization in the Decision Support Systems for Efficient and Robust Energy Networks I met prof. Haris Gavranovic from International University of Sarajevo. I found that in these fields a support from him might be a necessary help to push the research activities forward.

3.    How is your work going so far at this university and have you come to a conclusion for your research?

Together with prof. Haris Gavranovic we developed a new methodology for determining the optimal operation of water distribution system pumps with water robustness considerations. The methodology is based upon describing the operation as a discrete time optimal scheduling problem that can be used to determine the optimal operation schedules of the pumps in distribution systems. The work has not been finished, however the preliminary results alredy has shown its effectiveness. We plan to publish the results of our cooperation in the reputable scientific journals.