Hayat TV Provides Valuable Industry Expertise in VACD Guest Lecture

VACD Guest Lecture

In an exciting and informative session, representatives of Hayat TV, a prominent media outlet, recently shared their expertise with students from the Visual Arts and Communications Design study program, Digital TV Production (VA 444), a course taught by Assoc. Prof. Muhammed Yasir Göz. The guest lecture, led by esteemed individuals from Hayat TV, including Mr. Senad Omerašević, Mr. Jadran Ibrulj, Mr. Anel Mulaosmanović, Mr. Haris Mulaosmanović, and Mr. Semir Kominlija, proved to be a valuable opportunity for students to gain firsthand knowledge about the intricacies of video production, equipment usage, and professional tips and tricks.

The event brought the real-world experience of television production to the classroom. It not only provided students with insights into the dynamic world of TV production but also offered them the chance to interact with industry professionals, allowing them to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Mr. Senad Omerašević, the Head of the News and Documentary program at Hayat TV, led the lecture, sharing his extensive experience in journalism and broadcasting. Students had the unique privilege of learning from his expertise in storytelling, news reporting, and documentary production. This hands-on experience allowed them to better understand the intricacies of news and documentary content creation.

Director Mr. Jadran Ibrulj offered students a comprehensive overview of the creative aspects of television production. His insights into the decision-making process and the art of bringing ideas to life were truly enlightening for the aspiring visual storytellers.

The technical aspects of TV production were covered by Mr. Anel Mulaosmanović, Head of the Technical Equipment at Hayat TV. He provided students with essential knowledge about equipment handling, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This information was instrumental in helping students develop a strong foundation in the technical side of digital TV production.

Mr. Haris Mulaosmanović, Head of the Camera Crew at Hayat TV, offered an invaluable glimpse into the world of camera work and cinematography. His expertise in capturing compelling visuals and his knowledge of camera equipment were highly beneficial to the students.

Mr. Semir Kominlija, a member of the Technical Guidance team, shared his insights into the operational procedures and best practices in the television industry. His experience in managing technical aspects and ensuring seamless production workflows was a crucial addition to the lecture.

The guest lecture provided a holistic understanding of the TV production process, from the conceptualization of content to its delivery to the audience. It also highlighted the importance of collaboration, teamwork, and communication within a television station.