Balkan Studies Center (BSC)

Balkan Studies Center (BSC) was established at the International University of Sarajevo in December 2014. The Center aims to contribute to a peaceful, just and prosperous region through exchange of academic opinions, research and specialization in the field of Balkan studies. The Center’s mission is to motivate and support an academic community, policy-makers and the public in the promotion of scholarly research and policy-analysis related to the Balkans history, political economy, culture, literature, arts and architecture, foreign policy and security that will inevitably lead towards tolerance, understanding and the regional cooperation. Its vision is to promote new approaches in studying Balkans’ multidimensional history, culture and heritage by emphasizing the values of regional engagement, interdependence and cooperation. It aims to make significant contributions across different disciplines by using transdisciplinary approach and insider’s perspectives. In line with its mission, vision and objectives, the Center organizes a wide range of activities, including student exchanges, research fellowships, lectures, workshops, seminars, symposiums, round-table discussions as well as international cooperation.